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Benefizaktion Kunstschiff – Vorbereitungen

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…Vieles ist möglich! ((bis zum 13.6.2016, 18-21 Uhr, Bischof Moser Haus, Stuttgart))

5 Kommentare zu “Benefizaktion Kunstschiff – Vorbereitungen

  1. Fifteen euros???? That is giving it away. I would have gladly paid a lot more. How lovely to be able to buy such beautiful work and support a good cause too. Boo, I am on the other side of the pond…I support happily many good causes but would have stormed over to this right away ;o) Good luck xoxoxo

  2. Thanks, Johanna! This is a little part of my paperwork for our big beneficiary project: Many artists folded their paperwork into ships that will become a big arrangement with about 200 pieces on June 13, every one will be sold for 15 Euros (except some of the more „complicated“ ones – the money will go to sea-watch, an NGO, that tries to save refugees in the mediterranean sea between Lampedusa and Libya.

  3. This is beautiful!!! Did you make these?

  4. Herrn Lehmanns Narrenschiff war überaus inspirierend!

  5. tolles Schiffchen von Dir :-))

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